1. Create one or more questionnaires to collect feedback
  2. Create courses and lecturers manually or import them via Excel file
  3. Assign a questionnaire to courses
  4. Invite to the survey
    1. Send questionnaire links (personal or impersonal) via e-mail or
    2. have QR code (personal or impersonal) scanned or
    3. be directed to the questionnaire via Moodle or Stud.IP (in person)
  5. Download course reports for different target groups (course instructors, participants, course directors, department heads, etc.)

Create questionnaires

A tutorial for creating questionnaires can be found here.

For this scenario it is necessary that the questionnaires are located in a survey project that has been declared as "Course Evaluation". To do this, switch to the projects overview and set the "Course evaluation" column to "Yes" for the project in which the questionnaires are to be created. If this is not set, courses will not be able to use the questionnaires created.

Create courses and lecturers manually

Create course

  1. In the menu, select Course Management | Courses.
  2. Select Create Course in the lower left corner.
  3. Assign at least a course title.
  4. Select the questionnaire that will be used to evaluate the course: Evaluation | Questionnaire.
  5. Select Save at the bottom left. --> You will get to the course overview.

Add lecturer(s)

  1. Select Course Management | Lecturers in the menu.
  2. Select Add Lecturer in the bottom left. A new first row will appear at the top of the lecturer overview.
  3. Select Edit Lecturer(s) or edit by clicking on the "-" signs in the columns.
  4. Switch back to the course overview: menu: Course Management | Courses.
  5. In the Teachers column, select Add lecturer(s) and then select one or more lecturers. Finally, confirm with Add lecturers.

Invite to the survey

There are several ways for course participants to access and fill out the questionnaire. Which way is most suitable depends on the circumstances on site. The most important questions are:

  1. Should the participants participate on-site or during an online course?
    1. yes: Have participants scan a QR code that directs them to the questionnaire. To do this, download a static QR code in the Course overview | FB link as a PDF file and show it in the presentation or print and distribute it. Participants can scan the QR code with their smartphone or type the link in their browser. Find more here.
  2. Should the participants receive an email with the questionnaire link?
    1. Do you have the individual email addresses of the participants and may/would you like to use them?
      1. yes:
        1. Save the e-mail addresses of the TN with the course: Edit course | Evaluation | Students. In the upper left corner of the course overview, select the icon for Send email to participants --> A new message will be created and opened.
        2. Edit the subject and the text of the message. The e-mail addresses of the participants have been applied automatically. Select Save and Recipient list. Check everything and send the message: Send message.
      2. no:
        1. Copy and send the static link to the questionnaire to an email distribution list: Course overview | Questionnaire link via an e-mail program of your choice.
  3. Do you want the participants to access the questionnaire via a learning management system (LMS, e.g. Moodle, Stud.IP)?
    1. yes: Save the ID of the corresponding LMS course with the QUAMP course under Edit Course | Evaluation | LMS Key

Download evaluation reports

Evaluation reports are available for different target groups, e.g. lecturers, participants or course and department managers. Reports are generally configured on the level of a survey (questionnaire) and are used for all courses using the questionnaire. Under Surveys | Results | Manage Reports different reports can be created, configured and activated. The Lecturer's report is automatically created, preconfigured and activated. At this point, we will concentrate on downloading the Lecturer's report.

  1. Switch to Course Management | Courses
  2. Find the PDF icons for Download Lecturer's/Student's report in the Lecturers column and in Reports sub-column.